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    Best Equipment for Singing

    A headset microphone is useful equipment for singers and music composers. When you perform on stage, you don’t like holding a MIC for hours or stand near the MIC all the time. You can sing freely without using your hands with a headset microphone for singing. Some musicians play guitar or piano at the time of singing, so the wireless microphone headset is the best choice for them to perform in a stage show.

    You must choose the microphone carefully, because some microphone headsets are best for business meeting or school/college speech on an occasion, but not good for singing. Therefore, it is important to check all the features and pros, cons before you buy a headset microphone for singing. If you are buying a wireless microphone, you should know its range, so that you can use it for hours without disconnecting issues.

    The Headset Microphones are available in two categories i.e. Wired Headset and Wireless Headset. The wired headset microphone hardly loses its connectivity even after five to six hours of continuous usage. The wireless headset microphone looks good and has a good connectivity range up to 40 to 50 meters. So it will not get disconnected until you move out of its connectivity range area.

    You can use the headset microphone for talking on phone calls, listening music and watching movies. You can also use the headset microphone for business meeting speech, college farewell speech and for singing a song. The microphone headset comes with 150-Ohm Speakers and 32-Ohm Speakers as both of them have different frequency range. You should check which speakers are better for singing purpose.

    When you choose a microphone headset for singing, you must check that it is compatible with your sound system. Because the microphone headset comes with various types of pins like 3-Pin Male XLR, 4-Pin Female Connector, 1/4″ Phone Plug etc. You should check which pin is supported by your Amplifier. When you find out the most convenient and compatible headset microphone as per your requirement, only then you should buy it.

    A Singer or Music Composer has to wear the microphone headset for longer time. So it is very important to know if the microphone headset, you are buying, is comfortable enough to wear for hours. Because you cannot keep singing well with uncomfortable microphone headset. Therefore, it is advisable to check comfort of microphone headset before buying it for yourself or your friend/relative.

    A perfect stage show is based on singer and his/her equipment. So you can perform well with your singing rehearsal and a best headset microphone. So you should practise well in singing and also use good quality microphone headset, speakers and amplifier in your stage show program.n

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